Wednesday, July 02, 2014


Yes, I am back.  Briefly.  I know there was so much wailing and gnashing of teeth when I announced this blog was ceasing.  Oh, how the people mourned, how they cried, how they couldn't really give a stuff if I wrote it or not, so there you go.
Now, I am back briefly to big up this charity event I am organising and hosting. Yes, I appreciate you are all heartily sick of hearing about it but I want to sell this event out and raise some ackers for a very worthy cause.  The worthy cause is my dear old friend Anne Edwards.  I first met Anne in 1986 when I moved from the relative tranquillity of semi rural Essex to the inner city melting pot that was Stratford and the London Borough of Newham.  Anne was a friendly welcoming face to this slightly awe shocked spotty 19 year old taking his first proper steps outside of the family home.  We became close friends, and it is a friendship that has endured despite many miles between us and our meetings becoming less and less frequent.  I first heard the news that Anne was ill about two years ago through our mutual friend Sandra Springall.  Anne had suffered a major stroke and was in hospital.  I was away at the time and could not get to see her, but sent cards and flowers and my best wishes.  From speaking to and meeting Anne in recent months it was great to see her getting back on her feet and recovering slowly.  But it was clear she was frustrated at the pace of her recovery and she let me know that there were options open to her for different types of therapy, but all were expensive.  It was at about this time that I was looking round thinking what I could do to celebrate my first ten years of being Good King Hal.  Yes, 10 years had flashed by since that first, sweaty, panicked afternoon show at Rickling Green School near Saffron Walden in Essex, and I felt I should do something to celebrate.  Just having a party for the sake of it seemed a bit selfish, but then I struck on the idea of a benefit evening for Anne.  All proceeds I could get would go straight to her and for her treatment with the wonderful people at ARNI. (see for what they do).  And so it snowballed to where we are today.  The initial idea of a big venue like the Kenneth More Theatre in Ilford was scuppered by the horrendous price that they were demanding just for one evening.  And so we find ourselves now at the Brading Crescent Community Hall - not exactly the London Palladium but it will do for us.  If I can do this one thing for Anne, to make her life a bit more comfortable it will have been worth it.  Just under four weeks to go.  Loads of people showing an interest and wanting to support, but not enough buying tickets in advance.
Come on you lovely people.  You KNOW you want to come for an evening of laughter, music, tights, and some gorgeous home cooked Indian food.  So put your hands in your pockets, get your wallet, cheque book, Pay Pal account, Postal Order, Cash - anything - and just book yourselves some tickets.  £15 each or £10 concessions.  Not for me, not for Good King Hal, but for Anne Edwards.  Make her life that bit easier, help her on her long road to recovery.  Thank you.


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