Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Calm Before the Storm

Henry has been relaxing a little of late. With the Easter Holidays upon us, I have been about as busy as a pacifist's pistol, but ever gearing up for the next explosion of work.
The cauldrons and skillets display at the County Museum in Taunton has been confirmed for the 26th April, and Tris Pinkney and I have a nice little routine sorted out for the assembled big wigs of the Taunton glitterati. Before that, I have a visit back to Essex for a speaking engagement with Ingatestone Rotary Club and an appearance back at Northwick Park Junior School on Canvey Island. The very next day it is up to Gloucestershire and the day after that Wedmore in Somerset during the day and the exhibition at Taunton in the evening.
Today I am printing out a load of info packs to send to schools I am visiting in the next few months - I have still to hear from Steve French about putting the info stuff on line. I have also been phoning some old friends and catching up - well, those who are about anyway! So I spoke to Ali Bessell, late of the Hoop in Stock and also caught up with the lovely Sue Freeman, who I used to work with and more often eat with whilst at Skandia in Southampton. See Sue!? You get a mention!
And now back to the phone calls and printing. Bye for now.

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