Monday, August 31, 2009

Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury (with added Chickens!)

One of my favourite places on Earth is Glastonbury Tor. It is such a spell-binding symbol of the west country and is visible for miles around. Even to this day, all those years since I first laid eyes on it (March 1988 to be precise) I still get a weird feeling of the hairs on the back of my neck standing up when I see it. To drive to Glastonbury from my home in Crewkerne involves driving up past Compton Dundon and Somerton. Your view of the Tor is obscured until you reach the crossroads where the road splits off to either Keinton Mandeville or Ashcott, or straight on to Street and Glastonbury - suddenly it looms up at you from the landscape, and it still takes my breath away.
Once a year I am privileged enough to do some stand up Henry shows at the delightful Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. It is right at the foot of the Tor (as the picture above shows you) and is a charming little museum with a fine Tithe Barn and a recreation of a Victorian Farmhouse. I do my shows in the Tithe Barn with it's dirt floor and moody secluded lighting which gives the impression of candle light. I was working on the Saturday and the Bank Holiday Monday (rather parochially the museum shuts on Sundays), doing three shows each day. Each day the shows followed the same routine - early show would be sparsely attended, but the group were enthusiastic and laughed a lot; the middle show would be much busier, but quiet and getting laughs from the audience were like pulling teeth; the final show would be packed and the audience were hugely responsive.
It was a fabulous weekend and great fun to work with the lovely staff at this wonderful museum. Next weekend I am at Dillington House near Ilminster for their open day on Sunday, then it is back in the schools again for the new term! Here we go!


Anonymous said...

My husband and I were at your performance just after lunch today at the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury and we thought you were great!! I wish that history was taught like that when I was at school, I might of been more interested in it then!!

Before that performance we were also in the cafe when you were having some refreshments.

Sadly the photographs I took in the barn having come out very well due to the lighting but I agree it makes it more atmospheric.

Best wishes for the future.

Phil & Jackie.

Anonymous said...
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Mike Farley said...

Hi Phil and Jackie,

You are very kind with your comments! I love working at the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury, it is such a special place. I am so glad you enjoyed the shows. Keep and eye on the website and we might run in to each other some time.

Mike Farley
Good King Hal

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the reply Mike. As you see we live near Guildford in Surrey, both places you mentioned in your "performance" yesterday!!

We will certainly come up and say "Hi" if we do happen to be at the same place at the same time!

Best wishes, Jackie.

Lord Timothy Webb of Bassett said...

I always knew you'd hit the big time!

Have you any TV stuff coming up?

Maybe Manchester City could invest in you for any future events? I hear they have a few odd shillings laying around these days(note to self, don't mention football! especially these days)
Anyway, Mike is a lovely charming fellow, and you should all book him(cheques in the post)