Monday, May 28, 2012

More Dudley Castle Pictures

 Good King Hal, looking mean and moody and wondering who's just nicked his roll of lino.
 The main Castle courtyard rapidly filling with the punters for the evening show.
 Three Little Maids from School Are We, Tudor style and a real threat to next year's Eurovision.
 Good King Hal warming up a couple of Queens for a night of ghost hunting.  Please note substitute Queen on the bench in the background.
 This is truly magnificent.  A very nice gent called Ryan Howard came and took some photos of me and the Tudor Roses at the Dudley Castle event, but he showed me this photo from his house showing a "Henry VIII Knothole" on his bathroom door!  I love it!  I want that door!
Catherine Parr mere nano-seconds after Good King Hal showed her his infamous "white-eared Elephant" joke.

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