Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Paragon School, Bath

It was a relatively early start for me, but I knew it was going to be a long long day. I had to drive up to the Paragon School in Bath, this being a school I have long been promised a visit to and strongly recommended by my friends Sue and Ian. It didn't disappoint. Wonderful old buildings, hugely welcoming teachers, great kids who ALL dressed as Tudors in some fabulous costumes and a lovely dinner as well. All days should be as good as this! The rip roaring jousting finale was once again won by the ladies with admirable style. Some great photos were taken for the local Bath Thunderer newspaper (or whatever it's called) and I got paid. Next I had to head for home. By the time I got there, Amanda and James had already departed for Essex. I had dinner, packed a suitcase and made sure all was locked up and secure. I then left home at about 7.30pm to head to Essex myself. I made fairly good progress and arrived at my parents place at about 10.30pm.
We had a great 40th birthday bash for my wife on Saturday. My father has completely renovated my jousting equipment and we have been bouncing around ideas for more money making for Henry. Watch this space for more.
I have also started making enquiries about a costume for John Brown, Queen Victoria's Scottish "friend", another character I hope to bring to Schools around the country soon. I visited a great shop in Ingatestone called Nicholsons which is a Highland specialist for some reason! But they were really helpful and I should be getting some info and pricing from them for a costume shortly.

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