Friday, July 06, 2007

Cotford St Luke Part 2!

After lots of long long journeys, it was nice to get back to a relatively local show today. It was a return visit to Cotford St Luke School after my previous day at this school back on March 29th.
I was lucky to find Taunton's traffic in a very benign mood today and I sailed through to Cotford and arrived just before 8am. I was warmly welcomed by the teachers as ever and it was nice to see so many familiar faces. One poor lady - one of the class teachers for the day - had laryngitis and could only whisper all day. Really she should have been tucked up in bed but stated that she had come in especially to see Henry VIIIth! How sweet!
The day was great. The children's knowledge of Tudor times was quite staggering and everyone seemed to enjoy the jokes and fun. Lunch was very tasty and after that it was back in the hall for the Tudor crime and punishment session followed by the stocks. These were great today and the children took pity on the teacher with the lost voice and put her male colleague in instead!
Jousting was a loud affair with the ladies pipping the gentlemen to the crown. Cotford St Luke is a wonderful school with brilliant teachers and some lovely children. Unfortunately now I have done their years 3, 4, 5 and 6 I don't think I will be back there for a while, which is a real pity as I love the place!
Next week - Bedfordshire again...

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