Saturday, July 21, 2007

Crewkerne Lions Club Medieval Banquet!

This was an evening I had been looking forward to for a long time, and I was not disappointed. In the village I live in, namely Clapton near Crewkerne, the local Lions Club were holding a medieval banquet in a nearby barn, complete with banners, burning torches and wall to wall buxom wenches!
I had been asked to be Lord of the Manor, accompanying the Lions President, a charming lady who I sat next to during the banquet and who was proof that you are as young as you feel!
After getting changed in the main farmhouse, m'lady president and myself were heralded into the main barn with a trumpet fanfare. A group of musicians armed with Tudor instruments were playing some authentic medieval music and really adding to the whole tone of the event. The choice of food was wonderful, starters were either nettle soup, smoked local trout or chicken and bacon salad. Main course was either spit roasted pork or lamb, or a rabbit casserolle. The roasts were served on traditional Tudor trenchers - thin bread plates that can be eaten after the meal, thus saving on washing up! For pudding there was either strawberries and shortcake, or mixed berry crumble. Wonderful!
After the Tudor music we were Royally entertained by the Babylon Morris Group, who did some really energetic Morris dancing! This was followed by a very talented young lady called Jess who played the harp beautifully. We had a bit more dancing from the Morris group, some singing from a fine voiced young lady and then some barn dancing. Great fun was had by all. I then had to pick the raffle tickets for about 20 prizes, and finally to complete our evening, Mrs President and I had to choose best dressed lady and gent respectively. I chose a lovely lady called Mandy who was in a quite magnificent home made Tudor dress that looked fabulous on her.
After bumping into Davd and Gilly, friends of ours, it was virtually time to go home. I got changed, said my farewells and slipped away into the night. A fabulous evening and hopefully one that has raised plenty of ackers for good causes!

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Moonroot said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all. Reminds me of this 40th birthday party I went to...