Thursday, September 27, 2007

Godstowe Prep, High Wycombe & Hazeldene Lower, Bedford

It was back on the road again this week. I got up in the wee small hours of Wednesday morning and drove through the clearing gloom to High Wycombe and a third return visit to Godstowe Prep School. It was a nice, relatively easy run up in the early hours. I arrived fairly early and nipped off to get a copy of "Private Eye" and a can of Diet Coke to pass the time until the school opened, luckily only about half an hour.
As ever I was greeted with extreme warmth from all members of staff and it was such fun to be back in such a lovely school. A vast majority of the girls had dressed in some quite stunning outfits and the morning went really well. After a pleasant lunch the afternoon progressed very well with a really rip roaring jousting tournament won by a very strong team of young ladies (I should point out that Godstowe Prep is an all girls school!).
After finishing at the school I headed off to St Albans where I was due to stay with my lovely cousin Liz and her husband Bruce and their delightful children Katie, Sophie and Robbie. Bruce had gone off to watch West Ham play in the League Cup so I helped Liz with the children and had some great fun playing with Robbie who is only slightly older than my own son James. After the children had disappeared to bed Liz and I enjoyed a nice home made spaggy bol and some wine and chats about our childhood holidays we had spent together with all our siblings. Liz is also a dab hand at website design and said she would like to have a go and designing a new look for the Good King Hal website. We shall see...
I woke early and after a quick ablutions session I went downstairs and finally got to say hello to Bruce! He made me a cup of tea and bemoaned West Ham's appalling play the night before. He should have gone for the spaggy bol and wine like me! Far more entertaining!
Soon I was on my way to Bedford, which seemed far further than I had imagined. Anyway, I arrived back at Hazeldene Lower and was once again greeted by Karen, the lovely year 3 teacher there. It was a bigger group for today's shows, more like 80+ children, but they were a fabulous group, very happy and with some good Tudor knowledge. One little boy called Luca was hilarious when I picked him out to play King Frances of France during my "Field of the Cloth of Gold" section!
After a lovely lunch it was back to the hall and another fabulous jousting session, with the ladies managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and handing the championship to the gents on the very last quoit! A fine day!
The drive home took about three hours, but wasn't too bad and I arrived home to kisses and cuddles from my wife and son, and a steak and mushroom pie and a cold drink. You can't ask for more than that!
Next Henry's are next week in Saffron Walden and Basildon. See you then!

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