Wednesday, October 10, 2007

BBC Somerset Sound - news panel

I was invited back on to the BBC Somerset Sound morning show news panel this morning. I was sharing the panel with Jamie, a nice young chap and fund raiser for the Secret World animal sanctuary, and a lady called Val from the Exmoor Pony Rescue centre - both very nice people.
It was all a bit different at the BBC today - they were having a Job Swap Day - so whereas Emma Britton is normally working behind the scenes doing the travel, looking after the guests etc., today she was presenting the show. The normal presenter, Jo Phillips was doing Emma's normal job - and she did pretty well.
I chose a couple of stories from the paper to discuss, one about the Premiership Footballers who had pledged some of their huge salaries to underpaid nursing staff in a high profile charity movement - but who haven't paid up yet; the other about a road rage Moscow style, where a driver got so fed up with people crossing the road slowly that he shot two of them!
I also plugged Barrington Court and all their good work, and soon I was on my way. It was a fun morning and hopefully I can do it again soon.

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