Thursday, July 10, 2008

An Important Request

At approximately 12.30pm today, while I was out and about, a school phoned and left a message for me. Unfortunately, the quality of the line was so bad that I just cannot make out who the school is or even what their phone number is. If by some miracle you are reading this blog and you know a school has tried to contact me, can you ask them to try again! And if I'm not here can they speak up when leaving a message. It is a woman's voice, the school seems to have a double-barrelled name and the final three digits of the telephone number seem to be 229, but don't quote me on that. I have listened to the message over and over, and still cannot understand a clear word at all, apart from the fact that they loved my outgoing message. So please if you are that school. I am not ignoring you - I just don't know who you are!
Actually, come to think of it - a lot of people read this blog (I know that as the hit counter keeps going up and up very quickly), so show me you read it by leaving me messages! I would very much appreciate that.
Sometime later that same day...
It was Ditcheat Primary School! HOORAY!! Another case solved by Henry VIIIth and his intuitive powers (and the internet).

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