Friday, October 10, 2008

Taverham Junior, Norfolk

Once more off into the wee small hours of an East Anglian day! This was my first ever visit to Taverham Junior. I had been receommended to them by one of the fine teachers at Drayton Junior (see previous blog entries!) who just so happens to be married to the teacher who was my main contact at Taverham. What I hadn't expected to find was just how close to each other Taverham and Drayton schools were! Spooky!
It was a fabulous school to visit. All year five pupils and about 120+ of them. They were bright, sparky and full of beans, and dressed in some of the most delightful little costumes you have ever seen. We had an uproarious morning and the afternoon whizzed past, even though I did overrun by about 10 minutes (naughty Henry). The jousting was unbelievably exciting and very close, but just to keep the scores ticking along, the ladies won AGAIN! That makes our running score now:
This is quite a roll the ladies are on at the moment. So now, come along chaps! Pull those socks up!
Today I have been in Essex again, went shopping with my lovely mother and got a NEW MOBILE PHONE! HOORAH! Same number as before, so don't worry. You can still hear my dulcet tones whenever you want.
I should also be moving to a new house in Stoke-sub-Hamdon at the beginning of November, so watch this space for more. BTW, got a call from Leeds Castle today, they might need some voice over work! OOH! Just for that, I reprint this nice pic of a sunset over Leeds Castle from a year or two back. Nice.

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