Thursday, April 16, 2009

Barrington Court - an Apology & BBC Somerset

What a lovely Easter! Amanda and James came down from Essex and the sun shone warmly - we had lots of fun days out to places like Seaton and visited friends, and just generally had a wonderful time.
However, now the bad news. The "Henry's Horrid History" shows scheduled for this Saturday night at Barrington Court has had to be postponed. This is purely down to poor advance ticket sales and I can understand Barrington covering themselves by pulling the plug early. It is a real shame as I was looking forward to performing at this lovely house again, plus I had friends coming down from Sussex for the show, plus several local friends had confirmed they would be coming along. Never mind, we shall try again in September.
Today, I was on BBC Somerset again on the Emma Britton show, originally to plug the show at Barrington but as that had gone round the u-bend we chatted about the 500th anniversary of Henry's ascension to the throne, and I had to give 5 Facts About Henry you Might Not Know! Which was great fun! It was lovely to work with Emma again as she is such a lovely lady and a brilliant presenter. Good fun all round.
So my next Henry outing at the moment will be a St George's Night event for the Crewkerne Town Twinning Association where I will be entertaining the great and good of Crewkerne and Igny the town in France we are twinned with. Parfait!

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