Sunday, April 26, 2009

St George's Night Event, Misterton

I had been approached some months back by a lovely lady called Cheryl Newman to see if I would be interested in appearing at the Crewkerne Town Twinning Association's St George's Night Event in Misterton when all their guests from Igny in France would be over. For a while it seemed touch and go as to whether the event would go ahead, but then about a month or so ago it was confirmed. I arrived at the village hall in Misterton, tucked away down a back lane as it is and was delighted by what I found. There is a large open space with a football pitch or two, some other hard court sports areas and a rather attractive looking village hall. Various St George's Crosses were hanging up alongside various tricolours. Long tables had been set up along the hall and a band (called Tease the Cat) were setting up as well. Outside caterers were setting up large hot trays and a bar was being readied for the evening. Cheryl showed me a room at the rear of the hall where I could get ready.
The plan was that everyone would arrive, there would be some speeches, then I would be introduced and I would then appear from my back room to wow the audience. Of course the speeches were twice the length they should be as they all had to be translated, either from English into French, or from French into English. Finally it was my turn. As I emerged from the back room there was applause and a few gasps of astonishment from the French contingent. I quickly checked that I had put my pantaloons on, but everything was in place. The reason for their reaction was that on the trip down to Crewkerne in their coach, they had stopped at Hampton Court Palace and seen lots of pics of Henry - now they were seeing the real thing. The talk went really well, lots of laughs and great audience participation. I finished and was then set upon by photographers - thousands of 'em, it seemed, but I happily posed for all their pictures, and they seemed well pleased. I left the happy people to their party and headed back into Crewkerne, pausing only to buy a Chinese curry and boiled rice.
Today has been nice - a bit of tidying up around the flat and then a long walk over at Barrington Court. Very nice. Tuesday I am in the Isle of Wight for the first time doing a Henry show - it should be fun.

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Moonroot said...

So you got to celebrate St George's Day after all!