Monday, June 08, 2009

Castle Primary, Stoke sub Hamdon

Last week was hard work. Last week I honestly struggled with each and every show. And then along came today! I had last appeared at Castle Primary School in Stoke sub Hamdon back in 2005 - it must have been one of the very first schools I did after becoming a full time Tudor Monarch! As I hadn't heard from them since I had sort of wondered if I had upset them! But nothing of the sort - the reason I hadn't heard from them for so long was that I had previously performed in front of four year groups combined. So after today I kind of guess I won't be hearing from them again until 2013 at the earliest, which is a real shame!
Today was great fun. It was another mixed group of years 3, 4, 5 & 6 and they were just delightful. They laughed, they whooped, they applauded, they showed brilliant amounts of Tudor knowledge and to cap it all, at the very end of the day they gave me a standing ovation, something I have never had from a school before and one which genuinely brought a lump to my throat! Thank you Castle Primary School!
The morning was brilliant fun and seemed to shoot past, even though they have a very odd set up for the day at Castle Primary which involves two (yes, TWO) morning break times - one at 10.15am and another at 11.15am. Hey-ho, each to their own. The afternoon was equally entertaining and the noise of the jousting tournament was absolutely deafening as a very capable gents team romped home to victory.
I also met today the very lovely Julie Carney who I think would make an excellent Queen Elizabeth I - all I have to do now is convince her! Watch this space.
Tomorrow I am back at BBC Somerset for the morning show, though I believe Emma Britton is away, so I am not sure who will be hosting the show. But tune in anyway folks, it's usually entertaining.

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