Saturday, June 06, 2009

Northwick Park, Canvey Island

Let me quote you something.  You might find it interesting!  
For the final day, I was making my third return visit to Northwick Park Primary School in Canvey Island. When I first arrived I hardly recognised the place, it had been almost completely rebuilt and was now a proper Primary school rather than two separate Junior and Infant locations. They were making frantic efforts to get the place ready for it's official opening...
Sound familiar?  Well that is my entry from this very blog from my previous visit to Northwick Park Junior on Canvey Island back in 2007.  Well I was back at Northwick on Friday and, guess what?  They are having loads of work being done ready for another grand re-opening!  Some of the old classrooms were being renovated to a very high standard, plus a superb pond and nature area for the children to enjoy.  Frantic efforts were being made to get everything ready for the grand re-opening today (the Saturday).  Once again Northwick presented me with a lovely friendly school, charming helpful teachers and some very intelligent and groovy children. Some of the costumes they were wearing were brilliant.  I felt almost under-dressed!
For the first time in a long time the weather was cool and wet, but it was still warm enough to get me sweating buckets in the Henry costume.  We had a fun entertaining morning and one little lad for the first time ever knew exactly how many years had passed since Henry VIIIth had died!  I was hugely impressed!  Lunch was gorgeous - fish and chips!  But the highlight of the meal was the lovely homemade Cole slaw that it was served with - fresh, tangy, and nice and crunchy!  The afternoon shot past and a very loud jousting session was finally won by a very good boys team.
Back at my wife's house in Basildon it was announced on the news that England had lost to Holland.  I didn't really bat an eyelid - us England football fans have got used to this sort of reverse over the years.  It was only after they showed the highlights did I realise it was cricket we had lost at.  To Holland?  Bring on the Aussies?  Oh dear...

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