Tuesday, August 10, 2010

If at first you don't succeed... give up?

Good King Hal's latest fiancee showing how excited she is about the forthcoming nuptials by trying to drink all Russian stocks of vodka.

Well, no one wanted me... I had a few bids but nothing like what I was hoping for. This was my attempt to flog myself on Ebay. Don't get the wrong idea, this wasn't me indulging in any self flagellation, just trying to raise some dosh! BUT (and lets face it folks, it's a big but) there was a hell of a lot of interest in the posting, and all publicity is good publicity. So, I am back on Ebay, under the sellers name of fleaflinko and awaiting whatever may occur. God knows what to be honest, but you have to try! Spread the word GKH fans.

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