Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dillington House Open Day 2010

Good King Hal (left) doing a very presentable impression of a garden gnome at Dillington House.

The Dillington House open day is always good fun. Lots of people to meet, interesting stalls and set ups, and a few jokes and laughs along the way. I have to admit this morning when I first woke up I had some doubts as to whether it would take place at all today. Rain was lashing against the window and the skies were low and moody. Not ideal for a mostly open air event. But as the morning progressed, the skies started to lift and though never a roasting bright sunny day, the threat of rain slowly dissipated.
If you are unaware of Dillington House, then let me illuminate things for you. I could write out a long and not very well put together history of Dillington, whereas I think the best thing is if you just click here: which will give you all the information you need. A wonderful fascinating building.
The open day is an annual event where Dillington shows off it's facilities and the sort of courses you can study there. Denise Borer, one of the managers at Dillington, books me every year to come along as Henry and wander about. It is always good fun and was no different this time around. I saw lots of old familiar faces which was delightful, and met some new ones as well. I posed for various photos, dished out a few business cards and just had a lovely time being Henry again! Then, right at the end, whilst preparing to go home I bumped into.... VALERIE SINGLETON! Yes! Valerie "Sticky-Back-Plastic-Incontinent-Elephant-Get-Down-Shep" Singleton. Now I know someone who worked with her in the past who had said she could be a little...ahem...difficult, but today she was an absolute sweetie. She was very complimentary about my Henry costume and performance, and came across as a very nice lady.
The photo above was given to me today by a very nice photographer who had snapped it 12 months ago at the last open day! He has offered to email me some more. Smashing. Tomorrow morning I am on BBC Somerset with Emma Britton between 9am and 10am - if you don't live in the Somerset area you can always listen on line via the web. Wednesday I am back for my first Henry day of the new academic year at Newbury in Berkshire.

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