Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good King Hal Fan Page on Facebook

A screen shot of "Good King Hal - The Computer Game" shortly before his Majesty gets disnitigrated by some Martian git.

I know a lot of people read this blog, and I thank you all for that, but I thought I should just bring to all your collected attentions the fact that on Facebook there is a Good King Hal fan page. You can access it via this link: or simply sign in to Facebook and in the search box, type Good King Hal and take it from there. Join the group by clicking on the "Like" button - the more the merrier!
You can catch me at Leeds Castle next weekend for the jousting tournament, but not as Henry VIII - as it is a Robin Hood themed event, I bet you can't guess which character they have me signed up to appear as....? Let me have your best guesses.
And yes, I did spell disnitigrated like that on purpose.

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Moonroot said...

Maid Marian? All the best Maid Marians are red heads!