Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Chesil Beach Boys (nearly)

It was back to being Henry again today. A booking at St John's Primary School in Weymouth. This is a nice easy ride down, skirting Dorchester and then on down into Weymouth itself. The school was nice, but it was odd to be working with Year 3 pupils when I have most recently been working with Years 4, 5 or even 6. But they were good and responded positively to most of the day, even though they have barely started on the Tudors. Once again the teachers had come up trumps with their magnificent costumes and there was about a 60% uptake in dressing up from the children. There were some great answers to questions again today - when talking about my Bear Paw shoes again, I mentioned that the animal the name was based on was big, furry and in possession of big teeth and claws and one little girl asked me if it was a Panda... She later asked me how I had caught the Panda in the first place to actually make the shoes. Ahem. With another group and again talking about the shoes, another answer I got was "Elephant". When I pointed out to the young chap that Elephants aren't furry he came back with the reply "alright, a Mammoth then". Good effort.
The afternoon session with the stocks was again amusing. Asking the children what they would throw at people in the stocks some of the answers were bizarre. Fruit juice for instance. Twigs. One child even suggested cherries. The jousting was a great effort. For a change the boys won and collected their certificates later.
Lunch was a bit of a pain. I was told there was a local Tesco just around the corner. It was actually about half a mile away and in the limited time afforded by a lunch break I decided to drive around. First I nearly missed it, it was one of these little Mini Tescos. Then I couldn't find anywhere to park the car and when I eventually did and had chosen my sandwiches, I found the queue for the two tills was snaking right the way back down a complete aisle. In front of me was a sea of lanky students, all clutching single bottles of diet coke and a sandwich and each with a debit card in their sweaty palms. If I had stayed with the queue I have a feeling I would have still been there.
Tomorrow is Barrington Court near Ilminster. I can't wait! Should be a great day. Read all about it tomorrow.

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