Friday, November 04, 2005

Norfolk but no Turkeys

An exhausting few days has just passed. Tuesday I went to see Judy who is making me some new items of clothing for the Henry costume. She lives in the back of beyond, way down this tiny farm track. I never thought I was going to find it. She has some great ideas for updating the costume. I have left the ball and the ideas in her court.
Wednesday I drove up to Essex to stay at my parents, using their place as a staging post before heading up to Norfolk. Amanda and James were there when I arrived and it was so lovely to see them both and get lots of cuddles off both of them. Later that evening, with James safely tucked up in bed, Amanda and I went out to dinner. This was our first chance to be out alone together for yonks and we enjoyed ourselves, going to The Raj Indian restaurant in Billericay.
The next morning I had to get up at about 5am and head on up to Wymondham in Norfolk and my appointment back at Robert Kett Junior School. I only got slightly lost finding it this time and it was really nice to see all the staff again. Poor old Natasha from last year had a stinking cold and really did look poorly. But it was another great day. The vast majority of the kids had dressed up and they looked great. All the teachers and teaching assistants had done likewise and had done me proud. It was a big group, about 160 kids, but great fun. Very sparky and very bright. The noise of 160 kids cheering on the jouisting tournament was almost enough to blow the roof off the hall we were in! The girls triumphed again, and more certificates were dished out. I drove back to my parents, but by the time I got there I was so tired that the whole idea of me then hacking off back to Somerset was cancelled and I phoned Amanda to let her know I would still be in Essex tonight. I allowed myself a slight detour in the evening to visit my old favourite pub, The Hoop at Stock. I was a little worried that their wouldn't be anyone left there I knew. How wrong I was. Andy Banks and his lovely wife Libby were there, as was Gareth Clipstone and his wife Wendy. Good old Dan and his four-legged companion Thistle were in attendance. And to cap it all off, David Kitchin turned up (former landlord's son). Splendid!
This morning I woke with only a partially thick head and contemplated the drive home again. It HAD to be done I guess. And as I am typing this in my office, I reckon I made it. MORE WINE! Called the King. And it appeared. Lovely.

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