Monday, October 31, 2005

All Work and No Play

I was awoken by the phone ringing. Good grief, it's 9am! It was South Green School in Billericay in Essex enquiring where their information pack was. I was due to be posting out a big load of them today. I assured them they would receive it by Wednesday this week at the latest. I put together a further 11 info packs and also packaged up some more stuff I have sold on Ebay recently. When the post arrived there was a nasty shock waiting for me. No, not my National Trust cards which eventually turned up, but a letter from Bridge and Patrixbourne School complaining about a couple of things from my recent visit. I was very upset to receive this letter and it took me a good time to calm down. Eventually I went for a drive to the Post Office at Shepton Beauchamp to see Jo and Blue, post all my stuff and settle myself down. I phoned and spoke to Amanda when I got back and finally started feeling more like myself.
I got a nice phone call from Stradbroke School in Great Yarmouth booking me for the 28th November. Robert Kett School in Wymondham also confirmed finally that they wanted me on the 3rd November, and I also got an email from Little Heath School in Potters Bar confirming a booking for the 9th December.
I am due to see Judy, my costume maker tomorrow, so hopefully some new ideas can be sorted out. One final nice thing from today was the arrangements for me to go into Southampton in December to meet all my old friends from Skandia for a pre-Christmas lunch drink. I am looking forward to that. And now I am going to listen to Manchester City take on Aston Villa. Come on City!

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