Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Been a long time since the Blog and roll

Hello! I bet you thought I had forgotten to blog. And you would be right. I haven't had a good blog in about two days. Too many eggs if you ask me.
Well the weekend was cool. Simon came down and was as late as he usually is so inevitably I had to meet him at the football ground, rather than at home. So the relaxed mid day lunch ended up being a rush sandwich and then a dash to New Huish Park for the Yeovil Town v Nottingham Forest match. Simon eventually arrived about 5 minutes before kick off. The place was packed and as usual I always seem to end up standing in front of the football fan equivalent of a dork. This one seemed like a regular at Huish, he certainly knew who all the players were, however his general grasp of the laws of the game was as depressing as his lack of eloquence. For instance, Forest get a free kick and try and take it quickly and from the wrong place. The referee, quite rightly stops play and makes them go back to where it should be taken from. Dork behind me says loudly "Why isn't he booking them?" I started to half turn to see if he was joking, when he continued. "I thought if they kicked the ball away it was a booking." What? Why would Forest players kick the ball away from their OWN free kick? His reaction to Yeovil's first goal was also very predictable. Yeovil player gets hacked down while in possession, the referee plays a great advantage - Dork starts frothing and snarling about the F***ING REFEREE, during which time Yeovil sail up the far end of the pitch and Phil Jeavons slams home a fabulous long range shot. Dork goes mental with delight. Ho-hum. Yeovil go on to win 3-0 and Simon is delighted that the Forest efforts are rewarded with another rendition of his favourite chant from Yeovil - "OOH ARR! IT'S A MASSACRE!" to the tune of "Go West". My favourite chant is the more common - "CAN WE PLAY YOU EVERY WEEK" and the not very nice "YOU'RE NOT FAMOUS ANY MORE!" to the tune of "Bread of Heaven".
A hopeless Sunday of going to car boot fairs that aren't on ends with Simon leaving just after lunch. James thought he was great, hugely entertaining. Added to which, Simon's party piece of being able to lick his own nose with his tongue is apparently paralytically funny when you are just short of your 3rd birthday. I must remember that one.
Monday has been quiet, as has Tuesday. The highlight of today, aside from a nice lunch at Bilby's in Crewkerne with Amanda, was finishing re-decorating James' bedroom while he was at nursery. It is now a lovely sky blue, with loads of pictures on the walls of Thomas the Tank Engine, Balamory characters, and James' old Manchester City shirt. Lovely.
Next gig? Appearing at Somerset County Museum in Taunton on the 28th and 29th October this week. Should be fun!


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