Friday, October 21, 2005

Stiff neck and postponed gigs

Awoken after the nice nights sleep with a neck stiffer than a corpse. ARGH! The pain! From then it is neck ache and driving James to his nursery, followed by more neck ache and driving up to Street with Amanda. I then took my neck ache for a walk round the charity shops as usual. The neck ache and I found some lovely old piano sheet music in one shop and bought a few of them. One was a lovely old Henry Hall and the Savoy Orpheans tune "Play to me, Gypsy". I shall hum it at the next village hall meeting complaining about travellers.
We stopped off at Shepton Beauchamp for lunch on the way back and Hayley at the Duke of York pub asked me if I was still Mayor. Mayor? Bless. King and Mayor, very easy to get confused. We spent the afternoon preparing the house for Simon's arrival tomorrow for the Yeovil v Nottingham Forest match. All our tidying and cleaning work was put to the sword within 5 minutes of James' arrival back from nursery.
There were two messages on the ansaphone, one from a school in Kent who had provisionally booked me for the 10th February suddenly changing their minds, and another from Mrs Carter from Stradbroke School in Norfolk who want to postpone my visit for 2-3 weeks. STILL no cheque arrived from the Waltham Abbey school. I'll send the boys round shortly...

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