Friday, October 14, 2005

Friday 14th October

A day off. I needed it. Funnily enough my son obviously didn't, as he decided to get up at 5.15am and jump up and down on our bed. People died for far less in the original Henry's day. Perhaps that was why Henry did away with Katherine Howard. She was a lot younger than him, so maybe she kept running into his bedroom at 5am and bouncing on the end of his bed. Perhaps Mary Tudor had Thomas Cranmer burnt at the stake for chasing her cat and not eating his greens. Who knows?

Well, our little crown prince has been at nursery all day, and Amanda and I decided to go up to Street for the day (near Glastonbury). A nice drive and a pretty good, if plain, High Street. After lunch we returned and there were messages for me from two more schools, enquiries for possible bookings. One was in Yeovil and the other - well, I didn't quite catch the name, but they said I had visited before. I have tried to call back but the people I need to speak to are teaching at present. More bookings are needed as December is looking a little blank. I have bookings after Christmas, all the way through to next July, but some in December would be nice.

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