Friday, October 28, 2005

Why didn't they ask me?

I have just watched, with a sense of shock and awe (to paraphrase George Dubya Bush) a documentary about Henry VIIIth on ITV2 or even possibly ITV3. Whatever. It was DREADFUL. Some of the facts were wrong, the voice over artists sounded like he was on mogadons and worst of all was the man playing Henry! For a start he was about 50, which wouldn't be so bad when he was with, for instance, Katherine Parr, but to see him cavorting around with Katherine of Aragon was a bit much. His costume was almost as bad as the lummox in the orange outfit at the Rolf on Art day for the BBC, and he had a bright red stick on beard! You could see the glue holding it on in close up! Added to which, he appeared to be reading his lines from an autocue. He also had a bright ginger wig on, with his own dark curly hair showing through at the back. Ooh! I could have stamped my Bear Paw shoes in frustration!
Ho-hum. Tomorrow should be interesting, the first of two days at Taunton Castle Museum doing presentations to the great and good of Taunton as Henry. I will be trying to get some kids interested in doing some jousting as well. Therefore, after a glass or two of jolly nice Australian red wine, I shall now get my stuff together for the morning jaunt and will fill you in with the full bits and pieces tomorrow.
By the way, the new Kate Bush single is wonderful! Any news of anything new from XTC???

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