Wednesday, October 19, 2005

To Kent and back

Hello Henry fans everywhere. I know you're out there, I can hear you breathing. I had a hectic start to yesterday, I was supposed to drive to Huish Park in Yeovil and once again attempt to get tickets for the Yeovil v Nottingham Forest match this Saturday - just as I was leaving my wife offers me a smashed up old chair.
"Take this to the dump in Crewkerne." So I did. I then headed on down the A303 and on to Kent to stay at my sister Catherine's place near Sittingbourne, prior to a Henry show today. Only when I had been at my sisters for about three hours did I remember I had forgotten to stop in Yeovil and get the said tickets. Well, my sister and I had a splendid evening drinking far too much red wine and watching "Team America" on DVD and laughing like drains. God, someone should show this movie to George "Dubya" Bush. He'd probably think it was a documentary.
My alarm went off horribly early and I set off from my sister's place, and headed for Bridge, a small village near Canterbury and my date with Bridge and Patrixbourne school. I soon found the place and it was so nice to see all those old familiar faces again. Miss Buchan was again as charming and lovely as ever, but then so was everyone else, including the lovely lady from Cork who's name escapes me - sorry. They had built me this most wonderful throne room on a stage in the main hall of the school! Complete with throne and tapestries! This was a room fit for a Royal Tudor King! We had a great day, some wonderful sparky kids, lots of laughs and another great jousting session, this time the final just being sneaked at the last moment by the boys. The teacher's race after that nearly blew the roof off the building. I then posed with the children and the teachers as my "wenches" for some more photos (copies please! I can put them on the website!) and that was it. The winning jousting team helped me load the props back into the van and I was on my way.
At about 6.30pm I arrived home at "Chez Henry" and my wonderful wife had cooked dinner. Perfect. Even better I then sat and drank some more red wine and laughed a lot as Manchester United completely failed to beat Lilles in the Champions League. Champions League? How did Man Utd get in? The last person seen in their trophy cabinet was Osama Bin Laden. He said it reminded him of the Tora Bora cave complex - dark, cold and empty and recently taken over by Yanks. (Ba-doom-tish!).
When I got home there was some mail waiting for me - a whole bundle of fan mail from Knightwood School in Chandlers Ford. Fabulous stuff - great letters, wonderful pictures - it just makes it all worthwhile. I shall try and pick out the best letters and put them on the website.
Tomorrow? Another day off and then on Thursday Long Sutton school near Langport in Somerset. A local "gig". Great!

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