Thursday, November 10, 2005


Another good day. I had visited Dunster school last December as Henry and they had re-booked me for today. It is a long old drive out to Dunster from our house, so I had to leave by 6.30am to be sure of making it on time. The roads were dark but relatively empty. I got the usual friendly welcome from all the staff at the school, they are so nice. And the tea wasn't bad either.
What a great group of children! Very responsive, very eager to learn, great questions, loads of laughs. We also had another nomination for best answer to a question this term. When I asked them what was the most famous piece of music Henry VIIIth was supposed to have written, one lad put his hand up and answered confidently: "Greenpeace!" He was half right I suppose.
The lunch was almost as good as last year, and then we launched into the afternoon programme. The jousting was magnificent with all the teams coming so close to winning, but in the end it was the girls who triumphed. In the final jokey teacher's race, one of the little girls who was autistic wanted to join in. She did really well, but her team lost by a whisker. She then insisted that she wanted to go in the stocks for a photo with me! I was only too happy to oblige. Then the magic happened - right at the end of the day, I was saying goodbye as the children left the hall, and this little autistic girl, called Edie came up to me with her teacher and whispered "Thank you". I melted on the spot. How's about that for an end to the day?
A long drive home, a cheque in my pocket and a warm greeting from my lovely wife and son as I arrived back at the old mansion. Everybody needs days like this. Thank you Dunster. I shall return.

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