Sunday, March 05, 2006

Maiden Newton

Friday March the 3rd found me in the relative locality of visiting Greenford Primary school in Maiden Newton, just north of Dorchester. It was a bitterly cold morning, but bright as I drove over the ridgeway south of Crewkerne. As I pulled up in the car park of the school I was greeted by Mr Atkinson, the head teacher - an absolutely charming man. He immediately offered me a hot cup of tea which, as the wind was howling straight from the arctic, seemed like a very sensible idea. I could park right next to the main doors to the hall we would be using, so that was good news for me and my back. The kids had all dressed up marvellously - some really stunning costumes, some of which had been made, some hired and some, believe it or not, even bought! They were a great group - just an ideal school. Bright and sparky and getting all of the gags. Lunch time I was recommended to visit the bakery near the school and again, I was not disappointed. A really tasty bacon and cheese wrap and a lasagne like pastry - delicious! The afternoon was great and seemed to zip past. The jousting was of a particularly high standard - any of the teams might have won at any other school, but as it was, it was the ladies who triumphed and walked off with the certificates from the King. Mr Atkinson has invited me back for the School's summer fete and evening meal which looks likely to turn into a Tudor feast - suits me!
This coming week I am at Blandford in Dorset on Monday, Exeter in Devon on Tuesday, I have Wednesday off, then Thursday, Friday and Saturday I am at the NEC in Birmingham for the Education Exhibition on the English Heritage stand - see you there!

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