Saturday, March 25, 2006

St Michael's, Wimborne

After a long-ish break after the NEC shows, I was back on parade as Henry at St Michael's School in Colehill, Wimborne. This is a lovely school and one which I visited last year, almost to the very day. I arrived pretty much on time and was greeted by various teachers who obviously remembered me from last year, though I have to admit I struggled with recollecting some of them - sorry! I got all my stuff set up in the main hall, got changed in a tiny toilet and was ready for the off. It was 130 children and every single one of them had dressed up in some magnificent costumes. One young girl had even dressed up as Elizabeth I complete with white powdered face and dyed red hair! They all looked magnificent. I had plenty of executioners, a great Jester and even a drummer girl - but I forgot to use her during the jousting, so abject apologies from the King for that aberration. The day went really well though. A lovely group, smashing teachers and it was a Friday - what more could you want. The final jousting tournament was a cracker, loads of noise and this time the boys just squeaked home to win. My journey home was fairly tortuous - dreadful weather and a satellite navigation system that kept wanting me to drive home through a locked and gated cemetery. I think it was trying to tell me something...
Next week? I am at St Mary's in Axminster on Tuesday for a half day and was due to do the skillets and cauldrons exhibition at the County Museum in Taunton with Tris Pinkney from Bilby's on the 31st. However, this has been postponed to about the 26th April, so watch this space for more news on that. And now for a beer with Pete Flanagan!

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