Wednesday, March 29, 2006

St Mary's Primary, Axminster

I was really looking forward to this visit. A half day is sometimes nice as I get to do all my favourite bits in a day, but finish at lunch time! Added to which, this was at Axminster which is only a stones throw from where I live. Thankfully that led to something of a minor lie-in, rudely interrupted by a three year old at about 6am. I set off with my sat nav squawking away at me. I know the way to Axminster, I just wanted to see where the machine took me. Blimey. It obviously likes it's back roads. I had never seen Thorncombe that early in the morning...
Finally arrived at the destination and was met by a delightful head teacher. She welcomed me in, helped me park the car by the front door and then made me the most disgusting cup of tea I have ever had at any school so far! I had asked for my usual milk and one sugar. Well if it was one sugar she put in she must have used a shovel. Funnily enough, one of the other teachers later commented on her appalling tea making skills, they were quite right! A lovely charming lady, but she should be banned from going near a kettle. The rest of the ladies were lovely. All the kids were great, really enjoyed themselves. The morning passed in a flash and after a rip roaring jousting (which the boys won) I was soon to be on my way. I paused to pose for photos with all the children doing their Tudor projects, the teacher of the main class I was with helped out as my roadie and loaded the van and that was that. A quick message for the lovely lady teacher with the leather trousers - yes, I would have been delighted to have had you as my next wife, just not sure if my present one would have been too happy! A lovely school. Thanks for a good morning. And now - A WEEK OFF!

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