Tuesday, October 03, 2006

High Wycombe, Norfolk and Taunton!

Back on the jolly treadmill again, with a series of appearances dotted all over the place. It began in the wee small hours of Thursday the 28th of September. I got up very early and began the long drive/slog up the A303 and all points east towards my destination - namely Godstowe Prep School in High Wycombe. I got there about 45 minutes early due to an almost total lack of any other traffic on the road. I wasn't complaining mind you, I just simply parked up and read my new Private Eye magazine and drank some Diet Coke - anything to keep my school girl figure nice and trim...
This was my second visit to Godstowe Prep and it is always great fun. It is a Girl's school and they always dress up in the finest costumes you have ever seen. There are some fine dress makers in High Wycombe it would seem. We had a lovely day with a great group of young ladies and some friendly charming teachers as well. Lunch was pretty good as well, so no complaints from the King! Next I had to face the M25 again and drive round to my parents in Essex for where I was staying for the next few nights. My wife and son had come up under their own steam and were waiting for me when I got there. Lovely!
Friday, 29th September - I over slept marginally, but had to whiz up the A12 a little faster than anticipated. I got as far as Capel St Mary and yet another car crash on this road held me up with both lanes closed. I had to cut across country and hope that my Sat Nav could sort out a route. I was on my way to West Flegg Middle School in Martham near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. Luckily the Sat Nav was on top form and I arrived at West Flegg more or less smack on time. This again, was a return visit to a school and once again I was treated Royally by all that were there. Once again the children's costumes were superb and we had another fab and groovy day. As ever, back to a co-ed school and it's the ladies who are walking away with the jousting honours. West Flegg is always a firm favourite to return to, so thanks to them again for being such charming helpful hosts.
I had the weekend mostly at leisure and enjoyed myself at my parents. Sunday night I had to drive back to Somerset as I was due to be up and about bright and early on the Monday, and so I was!
Monday the 2nd October I was due at a school I hadn't visited before - Ruishton Primary near Taunton. It was a lovely school - almost all of it brand spanking new and with some lovely children in the group we had. Lots of good questions and fun and laughter, particularly in the afternoon. Once again, the fine range of costumes was a testament to some hard work on a lt of people's parts and was as ever much appreciated by me. For a nice change the gentlemen triumphed in the jousting, evening the score out just a little, and then I posed for photos with some group shots and then with individual shots with every child. Ruishton is a delightful school with some lovely children and teachers, again thank you for the warm welcome.
That evening I was out again. This time I had been asked by my friend Matthew Applegate of Barrington Court to be master of ceremonies at the annual South Somerset National Trust Pub Quiz! This is the big time folks! It was great fun, held in the function room of the Royal Oak Pub in Barrington Village. Lots of laughs and good company, and I was treated to my drinks and dinner, which is no bad thing. But, by heck, was I ready for my bed when I got home that night!
Next stop? Hazledean School in Bedfordshire next Monday. Check press for more info!

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