Monday, September 25, 2006

A Very Private Henry

Another weekend, so it must mean another visit to Leeds Castle in Kent! This Sunday just gone was a bit different, I had been asked to appear at an 80th Birthday party at the Castle for Nikki from hospitality's Granny. The event took place in the gatehouse, but as usual I got changed using Darlene's office in the estate office complex. This time, instead of being driven to my venue in a golf buggy, Nikki walked me over to the gatehouse. Nikki looked lovely all "dolled up" and when I commented on her looking so nice she said "I scrub up quite well". Understatement of the year, Nikki! A walk that would normally take about 5 minutes ended up taking almost three times as long due to lots of photo's being requested by tourists. At the gatehouse, there was a harpist from London, playing some beautiful music, and Davey the jester who I worked with back in June after the jousting tournament. He would be the main entertainment of the day, while my job was to mingle amongst the guests, chat to people, wander round the table and be charming. It was a tough job but someone had to do it. In between visits round the table I would occasionally pop outside for a little wander and was always immediately swamped with cameras and tourists, but it was great fun. Helen Budd and friends turned up briefly at one point as I was outside posing madly and they took the mickey out of my new white tights - how dare they!
Davey and I were then treated to a lovely roast beef lunch which was quite stunning, then we had another quick bash around the tables, it got to three o'clock and we were on our way.
I popped back to my sister's house near Sittingbourne to pick up Amanda and James who had accompanied me this weekend and then we struck out for Somerset. We arrived home after a good run at about 6.45pm, and by 7.30pm I was at the Dinnington Docks pub with Matthew Applegate from Barrington Court again! I arrived home about 10pm and was soon in bed, exhausted but happy. It was a lovely day all round.

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