Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dean Close Prep II - The Return

Just about three months had passed since my last visit to Dean Close prep in Cheltenham, but here I was going back again. The journey there this time wasn't quite so easy. It had been plain sailing up to getting on the Gloucester Road into Cheltenham. There had been some sort of incident and a major road filtering off had been closed by the Police causing some lengthy tailbacks. Luckily, I managed to get to the school by about 8.30-ish. I was met by Laura Sorrell as my usual contact there Caroline Hatchell had decided that climbing Mount Snowdon was preferable to meeting the King again, and who can blame her! Laura was a wonderful substitute and looked after me wonderfully all day.
We were in the main theatre/hall space of the school as opposed to the Library for my last visit. It was a good group of kids, some of them were a little challenging to begin with, but I won them over. Despite having only studied the Tudors for the previous two weeks, they showed some remarkably good knowledge on the subject. I managed to cram in the vast majority of the day into the morning session, this being a private school, all their timings are different to state schools.
Lunch was marvellous yet again. This time I was treated to a lovely Chinese meal of sweet and sour chicken, mushroom chow mein and vegetable fried rice, with the addition of some prawn crackers. Lovely.
After lunch we were in the hall for a bit more fun and games with the stocks and then a final rip roaring jousting session. Despite the gentlemen having one of their teachers as a member of their team, the ladies STILL managed to triumph!
Laura then very helpfully helped me get all my stuff out to my car and even set about trying to sort out a quick payment for me for my days work. What a lovely lady!
The drive home was a lot quicker and easier than the drive up and it was nice to get home to a hug and a kiss from my wife and son.
If Dean Close keep up their usual booking procedures with me, I should be back with them just before Christmas.

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