Monday, September 11, 2006

The Daily Tudorgraph Fun Day

Another weekend and another visit to Leeds Castle in Kent. I drove down on Saturday the 9th September to stay at my long suffering sister and brother-in-law's. My presence was obviously too much for my sister who immediately took to her car and went out for the evening with her chums. I had been invited to my friends Anne and Ben's for dinner. They live in the delightful village of Shoreham near Sevenoaks. Anne cooked a fabulous meal of roast lamb which had been marinated/coated in a variety of herbs and was served with a reduced red wine gravy, potatoes and green beans. Delicious. And all this after I had virtually invited myself over for dinner. They deserve medals. When I got back to my sister's at about 11.30pm, her husband had gone out as well. I think they are trying to tell me something.
Sunday at the castle was great fun. It was basically the Daily Telegraph works outing, in all but name. There was a large marquee with seating for about 500 people, a cool jazz combo in the corner and several bars serving lots of nice and naughty drinks. Outside there was a massive roundabout, various ice cream stalls, a laser-gun battle zone, mini-quad bikes for the children, archery, clay pigeon shooting, Punch and Judy, and of course, me! I was in charge of announcements of all the fun and activities during the day and took great delight in meeting and greeting as many of the customers as I could. The heat was almost unbearable and I managed to borrow some sun block off one nice lady as I could feel my nose and bottom lip burning! There was also a 4x4 and proper quad bike area for the grown ups to enjoy. The guys from the hawking centre came and did their thing for the crowd again. Almost the finale for me was compering and adjuticating the tug-of-war between two scratch teams of hot and drink addled Telegraph employees. It was a hoot! I also got to meet Simon Heffer. I am sure he was thrilled. He and his wife were very kind and generous to me and I extend a big hello and thank you to them! HELLO AND THANK YOU! There, I did it.
Next stop? Charlton Horethorne school near Sherborne for a half day on Wednesday, then our Bargain Hunt interview on Thursday.

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