Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Charlton Horethorne

Final evidence that the summer is now over came with my first Henry back on the school circuit since Bridgwater. I had got so used to doing either walkabouts or truncated talks at castles of museums, thankfully Charlton Horethorne had booked me back for a half day. Belinda Stephens who had booked me way back in December 2004 was again the wonderful lady to book me this time. As ever it was a delightful school to visit. Only 18 pupils for the talk, but so sparky and lively - and still only year 3's! I did the main talk, a bit about sport and music, my usual nonsense with the stocks and finished with a rip roaring jousting contest that the boys won by a whisker. All in all a lovely day.
Next port of call is Manor Court School in Chard on Friday. My third visit in as many years! What a regular!

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