Monday, January 15, 2007

North Petherton Junior

It was a nice relatively local jaunt for me today, up the old M5 towards Bridgwater and then scooting off to North Petherton instead. I was due at this school about a year or so ago, but at the last minute they had to cancel me and it has taken this long for the right date to come round again. My first impressions were very good. The school has a Victorian front to it, but this is merely a facade. Almost immediately behind this all is modern and brand spanking new, and very impressive it is too! The teachers are similarly welcoming and friendly, I couldn't have asked for more hospitality.
I was introduced to Jo whose class of year 3/4's I was to be dealing with today. It was only a group of about 25 children, but they were really wonderful, even the little year 3's who had at first seemed a little overawed by Henry's presence, but soon came into their own. We had a really good morning and plenty of laughs. At lunch time I had a walk into North Petherton itself to get some lunch and was delighted to find that my old friend Belinda Stephens from Charlton Hawthorne school was working as a supply teacher at North Petherton today. Added to which another old friend from Hugh Sexey School in Wedmore has moved jobs in the summer and he was now working here as well! This was a reunion almost getting onto "This is Your Life" proportions...
The afternoon was terrific fun. The gentlemen just managed to pip the ladies to the championship on the jousting. After this, when I would normally be contemplating going home, I was asked to take the afternoon assembly for the whole school. I did this as a question and answer session and plenty of laughs were had by all. After leaving I stopped off at Ilminster to get some money and I am now looking forward to a day off tomorrow and my parents visiting on Wednesday for a few days!

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