Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cotford St Luke School

What a good day this has been! If I can find a better school, more friendly group of teachers, or sparkier kids than this lot in the next 12 months, I reckon I will be doing pretty well!
I set out this morning for my trek to Cotford St Luke with some slight reservations, mostly about the journey. I would have to travel right through the middle of Taunton, a well known bottle-neck. I have been caught out by Taunton before, most notably on my most recent visit to Dunster School. Luckily today it was mostly benign and I made steady if unspectacular progress.
Cotford St Luke appears to be being completely rebuilt. There are new areas of it apparently springing up everywhere. The school appears to be brand new, as though the wrappers have only just been torn off it. It nestles next to the semi-renovated remains of an old Victorian asylum that broods over the whole area. I was warmly welcomed by an old friend, Adrian Jones, who I had previously met when I visited him at his old school of St Mary's in Bridgwater nearly two years ago. I piled all my stuff into the main hall and got into costume. The morning was fine, with some good knowledge from the children and laughs aplenty. At lunch time I was treated to an Ocean Pizza, which lived up to it's name by being not so much fishy as FISHY!!!! in the extreme.
The afternoon seemed to go even better. Laughs galore during the stocks, which poor old Mr Jones got stuck in (which I believe he suffered the indignity of at St Mary's!) before the jousting started. At lunch time, I had said to Mrs Cooper (another one of the teachers at the school and a very glamorous lady! I hope she is blushing when she hears about this!) that I was absolutely certain that the ladies would win the jousting. It is a good job I am not a betting man. The boys won, only just, but they did. The first time in a long time.
My drive home was interrupted by a crashed tractor near Kingstone just outside Ilminster, but I got home in one piece. I am due back at Cotford St Luke in July - I can't wait! Thank you for a wonderful day, I really enjoyed it! Superb school!

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