Thursday, March 22, 2007

Drayton Middle School, Norfolk

Now before I start today's blog, a little comment on yesterday's entry. Moonroot, in the comments section asked whether the child lying at my feet had been rendered unconscious by my musical ability. I don't think he had. As it is my son, James, who is lying there, and as his grandparents were with him, I am thinking it was probably a case of him being told he would have to go home and leave Daddy dressed as "The King" and he was protesting. Naturally, whenever I wish to render my son unconscious I always use a coal shovel like every sensible parent should. But seriously...
I had a far better nights sleep last night and woke up at the usual ungodly hour to drive to Norfolk feeling a bit more with it than yesterday. It was still bitterly cold as I stepped outside and it took a while to defrost the screen of the car entirely. However, I made very good progress again and was soon driving through beautiful frosty countryside up the A12. The sky was delightful, ice cream pinks mixing with swooping blues, and all flecked here and there with wispy cirrus clouds.
Drayton is a small village/town on the northern outskirts of Norwich and a place I had never visited before, but it seems quite charming! The school was nice and easy to find and I was soon being welcomed in with a hot cup of tea and a whistle-stop tour of the school facilities. Mr Wilkinson, my main contact for the year 5's I was with today, looked fabulous dressed in his green Tudor gear and went up in my estimation immensely when he revealed that he was a Manchester City fan like me! It was another biggish group today and my voice was suffering a little from three shows in four days, but it held out remarkably well. I got two breaks in the morning as there was morning assmbly to get through and then a usual morning break. Lunch was very nice, roast beef, Yorkshire puds, roast spuds and peas with a thick gravy and a nice crisp juicy apple for afters. All of the teachers had dressed in splendid Tudor clothing and the ladies in particular looked absolutely lovely! All but one of the children had come in fabulous costumes as well and it all just added to the good feeling about the day. The final joust was again a good one, but this time the gents bucked the trend and triumphed by a couple of quoits.
Fond farewells are said and I drive back to my parents in Essex. I shall be having dinner soon and will stay the night here tonight and have a nice leisurely drive back to Somerset and my loving wife and son tomorrow. All in all, a superb school and a good day.

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