Saturday, December 01, 2007

Barrington Court Christmas Walkabout 1

A first of two days staggering around the gardens and buildings of Barrington Court near Ilminster in Somerset. The day had been forecast to be cloudy, windy and rainy, but instead I was presented with a piercingly clear day, cold and with a brisk wind, but dry.
I began wandering around, but it was quiet. There was a small collection of stalls in the old kitchens in the main house with people selling jams, wines, jewellery and some traditionally knitted scarves. After about two hours of wandering around in the bright sunshine, the weather suddenly closed in and a Bible black sky was soon followed by howling winds and driving rain. All visitors seemed to vanish into nowhere. I sat and chatted to Matthew Applegate the Visitor Services Manager and he suggested I might as well leave early. So I got changed, just as the weather cleared up and a late surge of visitors came in! Typical.
I am back at Barrington Court tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be 100% worse than today. I can't wait...

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Moonroot said...

Hope you had a better day today!