Sunday, December 02, 2007

Barrington Court Christmas Walkabout 2

After the strange weather of yesterday I really wasn't quite sure what to expect at Barrington Court today. Again the forecast was not good, something along the lines of typhoons, hurricanes, gales, thunderstorms and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse getting "medieval" in the White Garden. However, it was a pleasingly bright and mild day today, a very brisk wind, but the ever threatening presence of the occasional black cloud to make you think twice about venturing out.
As it was we had a good turn out today. The official figures only showed an increase of about 40 customers today, but it seemed a lot more. We were also treated to a visit by a group of Rainbows (apparently Rainbows are those too young to be Brownies - I didn't know either) and they were great fun, Matthew Applegate and I led them in a session of colouring in and decorating their own Christmas Tree decorations!
There was one fine moment earlier in the day when I was sitting in the Study/Library annexe just off the Buttery. I heard a couple approaching chatting to each other and adopted a suitably dramatic Henry pose. The elderly man entered first, tripping up the step and staggering into the room with all the aplomb of Norman Wisdom at his slapstick best. His equally elderly wife followed in a similar manner. We began chatting and I was transfixed by both of their huge hearing aids they wore. Whilst chatting to the gentleman, he suddenly let off the most ferocious and lengthy fart that has been dealt in my presence for quite a while. Neither of them batted an eyelid as they were both deaf as a post and heard nothing it would seem. I was biting my lip desperately trying not to laugh when the wife finished me off by stating loudly:
"You certainly give this room a lot of atmosphere..." Perhaps I should have opened the window. I rapidly left the room stifling my laughter as I went.
Clevedon tomorrow and a visit to Yeo Moor Junior School.

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Moonroot said...

You're a true professional!!!
Love the photo too.