Friday, February 29, 2008

Trull Primary School

It was a third year running visit to the village of Trull just outside Taunton today. Now, no visit to Trull is complete without the joy of going through a Taunton rush hour. The place is a nightmare, just such a bottleneck. A journey which should only really have taken me about half an hour took far nearer an hour.
But it was good to be back, because Trull is a lovely school. The children had all dressed in some wonderful costumes today, every single one of them! Even the Deputy Head was sporting some very groovy pantaloons and complaining that his football socks were making his calves itch.
Judy Picton had already finished renovating one of my costumes and so that was given an outing today and it received rave reviews from all who saw it.
After a fine morning of some delays but mostly good fun, we had some photos taken over in the churchyard opposite the school before lunch was taken with one of the teachers telling some remarkably dotty stories about her chickens! How could I follow that?
Well the afternoon was equally fun. Some superb stocks fun and then a jousting session to savour with the gents just pipping a good ladies team to the title. A wonderful day and already talk about another return visit next year. It would be my pleasure. Next stop - back to Little Parndon in Harlow.

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