Sunday, March 02, 2008

Barrington Court Re-opens!

Just a little reminder to one and all: The very wonderful and underrated Barrington Court has re-opened this weekend after it's long winter close down. Owned by the National Trust, Barrington Court has two beautiful buildings to see - Barrington Court House itself, all fine Tudor architecture as the picture here shows you, and right next door to it, Strode House, a fine Stuart building with plenty to interest people. The Court House is used by a company called Stuart's Interiors as a show room for their renovated antique furniture and offers a different sort of visit to some NT properties. The long gallery on the top floor is also well worth a visit. Matthew Applegate, the Visitor's Services Manager, is a charming chap, and he and all his team of vounteers and helpers do a marvellous job on a tiny budget.
And as the weather is so good today, I am going to go over and see them all today! I hope to see you there as well.

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