Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Countess Gytha School, Queen Camel

A new school - and boy what a day. I set my alarm for about 6.30am, it went off and then I slept on, but luckily my dear cat Dru decided to leap on me about 10 minutes later and made sure I didn't sleep on until it was too late. It was a cold and frosty start and I was on my way to a brand new school today. Countess Gytha School in Queen Camel, near Sparkford just off the A303. Who was Coutess Gytha I hear you cry? She was Harold II's (he who caught it in the eye at the Battle of Hastings) mother and apparently had a hunting lodge and lands all around Queen Camel. In the playground of the school they had a large map of Britain and the rest of the World painted on the hard surface. I couldn't help noticing that Essex and the rest of the south east was painted over a manhole cover for the sewers. I shall say nothing as an Essex ex-pat.
This was a hard day for me today, not because the school wasn't brilliant, because it was; not because the teachers weren't friendly, because they were very friendly; and not because the pupils were awful, because they weren't, they were a fabulous group of children. No my main reason for this being a hard day was because I was in PAIN! My sinuses were absolutely throbbing all day, and all I could really think about most of the time was SINUTAB - that wonderful stuff that relieves pain and unblocks your conk and cures all ills and probably composes symphonies in it's spare time. I just couldn't wait to get in my car, drive to Crewkerne and get some! But I had the day to do first - and I have to admit it was a really good one. Lovely school, great kids, nice teachers, friendly atmosphere - and a nice lady from the Western Gazette who had last photographed me at Martock School (see this blog passim) many moons ago when I first had the Honda Accord! The jousting in the afternoon in particular was spectacularly good - such a close finish. The boys led from the off and after two runs had quite a lead, but the ladies kept plugging away and on the final quoit just managed to snatch victory. Cue much cheering and jumping about from 50+ very excited children.
After that I did stop at Crewkerne and I did get myself some Sinutab and I am sitting here now, typing this waiting for it to work. You never know, it might compose a symphony first.
Next Henry work? Friday, back on the Morning Jo Show for their News Panel at 9am. Tune in to BBC Somerset 1566am or 95.5FM, or if you live miles away - try out listening on line at www.bbc.co.uk/somerset ! Have fun.


Moonroot said...

Forsooth, get thee to a physician or I shall come to fustigate thy royal personage forthwith. Or something like that.

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Good to see you on mine - and hope the sinuses are on the mend.

Interesting writing that wild boar post and looking up related info on medieval banquets. Used to enjoy going to Hampton Court when we lived nearby and seeing the events there.

Happy Easter - hope you have a good weekend!

Luke Wiley said...

cool picture! nice post!
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