Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Abbotsbury Play

This weekend has been a bit of fun. I had been invited by my lovely cousin Ann in Portesham, Dorset, to appear in a small community play taking place at St Nicholas' Church in Abbotsbury. The play had been written by a lovey lady called Tito and consisted of the potted history of Abbotsbury as a musical! I had two major scenes - one opposite my cousin Ann's husband, Jack in which I played Henry (there's type casting for you!) and Jack played the Abbot of Abbotsbury Abbey. I spend the whole scene trying to wangle the keys to the Abbey from him. I do finally manage it, with the words "That'll do nicely, sir!" Then I do some of my usual Henry talk, only this time with some of the children of Abbotsbury portraying my wives and children. It was great fun and seemed to get a fabulous reaction from the audience.
The rest of the show was wonderful village entertainment, very parochial and sweet. Reminded me of the way Laurie Lee described the village entertainments in "Cider With Rosie".
We all came on for a curtain call at the end, and I was lucky enough to get a big cheer and even a standing ovation. I am glad they enjoyed it so much! It has been a really fun weekend working with these lovely people. I really hope they do another show soon!


Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Mike - thanks for your comment on mine; I've just created a WordPress blog, and the Hever post is on it if you'd like a look.

It does look enjoyable visiting different places, though guess you must cover some miles!

Julie at Virtual Voyage said...

Cheers, Mike - just checked WordPress. Husband enjoyed seeing your website as well - very original career!

Moonroot said...

Glad you had a good weekend. I was wondering how you were getting on in darkest Dorset.

Mike Farley said...

It's been a different weekend to say the least!