Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The End of the Storm!

Phew... What a few days. My car, my costume and I are on the backs of our knees. The weekend at Barrington Court near Ilminster was great fun. It is such a lovely house, run very well by the National Trust and the amazingly wonderful human being that is Matthew Applegate. I enjoyed myself enormously wandering around the beautiful grounds, talking to children, flirting with ladies and playing my recorder! What finer way could there be for enjoying a Bank Holiday weekend? Of course, having my parents staying was a lovely added bonus, and also having my wife and son see me "in action", so to speak, was even better. The weather was even quite kind to us. So to everyone who said hello to me at Barrington Court - hello back to you.
Tuesday I headed on down the M5 to the depths of Devon and a visit to St Aubyn's Prep School in Tiverton. Another fine day, some great kids - fantastic costumes and some of the finest jousting I have seen so far! The girls pipping the boys to be the winners. Very friendly staff, a good lunch and a pretty perfect day, spoilt only by some lousy weather, but then I suppose you can't have everything.
Wednesday - today. My first of two days back at Christchurch School in Christchurch (rather predictably), in Dorset. So lovely to see all the old familiar faces again. I have to say Christchurch is one of my favourite schools, not just because it is such a nice establishment, but the kids are great, sparky but not too cocky, and the teachers are just a delight. Friendly, funny and, dare I say it, silly! So, I am back there again tomorrow for more of the same. The only thing against the school at Christchurch? The traffic. Unbelievably bad, on every visit I have made. How do people stand commuting through that every day? I'm glad I don't.
A couple of potential bookings this evening - one at Chilcompton School near Wells, Martock School and even a possibility of going back to Noak Bridge School in Basildon. Watch this space. Again.

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