Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Woodham Ferrers

Evening all! I feel quite good this evening, if a little tired. I drove up to Essex yesterday as I was due to visit a school at Woodham Ferrers near Chelmsford today. I stayed overnight at my parents' house, even though they are currently away down in Wales at my sister's place. I took the opportunity, while back in Essex, to go and see Duncan again, the genius who is making my new costumes. He assured me he would have at least one of them ready in time for the jousting weekend at Leeds Castle in early June. I can't wait! On the way back from Duncan's I treated myself to a Chinese takeaway - it would involve less washing up afterwards, let's be honest.
I woke up this morning (sounds like the intro to a blues song) and got ready, pausing only to slip over in my parent's bathroom and nearly break my arm/leg/head, in that order. All I did manage to break, however, was the toilet seat as I ricocheted off it at high speed. OUCH! Sorry folks. I owe you for that. I drove to Woodham Ferrers and quickly found the school. And what a fantastic school! St Mary's C of E. Really friendly kind teachers and assistants, who couldn't do enough for me. So nice! The kids were just superb. Fabulous costumes, they really got into the whole day, loved all the jokes and had a really good general knowledge of the Tudor period. The head teacher even donated me her beef and mustard sandwich at lunch time - you really honestly cannot expect more than that from a school! The jousting was of an incredibly high standard, and for a nice change the gentlemen won. One of the lads on the gents team showed great sportsmanship by shaking hands with his opponents and thanking them for a great race at the end. Marvellous!
I drove home, round the hated M25, but soon found my way back to dear old Somerset. The extra good news is that I have sold my Toyota Lucida on Ebay (and I mean REALLY sold it this time!) and it appears that Taunton Museum are keen to have me back in the summer holidays! Great. Tomorrow? A day off, so more time to play with my little boy. Lovely.

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