Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Birchfield Junior, Yeovil

With a freshly repaired car starter motor (thank you Popular Motors of Merriot for the speedy work!) it was back to being Henry today. This was a return visit again for me, back to Birchfield Junior in Yeovil for a full Tudor day of fun and frolics.
It was good to be back and it is so nice to do the occasional local show like this one, knowing that when you have finished the day you will be back home while it is still daylight! I got a wonderfully warm and genuine welcome from this delightful school again. So nice to see some regular faces again.
A lot of the children had dressed up in magnificent costumes. I am always particularly proud when you can see they are home made costumes - that someone in their family has gone to such great lengths to make them look that good for their "Audience With the King".
It was a great day, lots of fun, lots of laughs and a lot of building work going on which sometimes did become a little intrusive, though mostly only the noise! All the different parts of the day went well and we even got to have a fun Q&A session in one of the classrooms before lunch. I got changed in the morning in one office, got changed in another after lunch and finally ended up having to get changed in the gents at the end of the day, such was the merry-go-round of rooms during my visit.
The jousting was particularly exciting, with the ladies team in the final lagging way behind the gents, but the anchor leg rider for the ladies was quite superb and she stormed back to just snick a win on the final target, with a huge roar from the audience! Great stuff! Everyone seemed to have a good time and Birchfield have asked me back for next year - lovely! I would be pleased to.
Next I am off to Lincoln on Sunday for an appearance at BBC Radio Lincolnshire with my old mate Howard Leader. Then I am doing my first school in Lincolnshire on the Monday - a whole new frontier.

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