Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hugh Sexey Middle School, Wedmore

Today could have been called "The School That Never Was". According to my sat nav in the car, Hugh Sexey Middle School in Wedmore doesn't exist. It could get me as close as the middle of Wedmore village itself, but apart from that I was on my own. Apart from a slightly unscheduled stop at Wedmore First School to ask for directions, I arrived at Hugh Sexey pretty much on time, much to my amazement.
I was warmly welcomed, as I had been on my previous visit last April. It was a group of 160 children today and I should say about 90% of them had dressed up in some amazingly wonderful costumes. We had a really fun day! The kids were great, ready to laugh at all my awful jokes and also very keen to learn about Tudor life in general.
Some of the children had brought in Tudor packed lunches, and I was treated to a wonderful meat pie lunch, with some nice boiled potatoes, cabbage and peas, with a thick gravy. I was then given a glass of dandelion and burdock - something I haven't tried in years! Lovely. Glad to announce that the teachers at this wonderful school share my opinions of Terry Deary. And serves him right.
The afternoon was great fun, with lots of silliness with the stocks, and a stonking jousting session with the gents winning for a nice change in a nail biting final. The teachers then took part in a fun race at the end which the kids loved!
This evening I have arrived home to discover two new additions to home - kittens! It has been some time since our beloved old cat Gracie passed on, but we now have two cute as buttons little kittens - one, a little boy called Spike, and a little girl called Druscilla. Both are mostly white, Spike has black splotches over him and Druscilla has black and tortoise-shell splotches. Spike is quite shy, but Dru is much more bold. I shall post some pics on here shortly!
Tomorrow I am off to Southill School in Weymouth in Dorset. See you there!

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