Friday, June 08, 2007

Southill Junior School, Weymouth

It was a warm muggy morning as I drove down to Weymouth today. This was to be a new school, one I had not visited before. This is always exciting, but I had nothing to worry about as the natives were decidedly friendly!
One of the teachers had dressed up as Elizabeth I, complete with white face, head-dress and, initially, blackened teeth! She looked wonderful and very authentic. The other teacher was also attired in a beautiful Tudor dress. A lot of the children in the group of about 60 had come in some remarkably wonderful costumes.
We had a great day with the years 3 and 4. A couple of the girls showed a real depth of Tudor knowledge, but all of them were also very ready to laugh and join in with the fun of the day. It was a very warm day today, but luckily I seem to be getting used to this heat very quickly, and didn't suffer quite as much as I might have done! The only time I thought I was going to spontaneously combust with the heat was walking back up the hill to the school after going down to the local shop for a sandwich at lunchtime!
The afternoon was another good one, with once again the boys snatching the honours in the jousting from the ladies after they got a bit confused on their final run! The teachers had a final fun jousting session and then I was on my way home.
Tonight, I have just returned from a meeting of a proposed new Drama club in the area. It would appear we are to be called "The Pilsden Players", and an initial "Talent Night" is planned for early September. Watch this space for more soon.
Next week is going to be mad for me! On Monday I am at Christchurch in Dorset, on Tuesday I am in Gravesend in Kent. Wedneday I am at Thundersley in Essex, followed by Thursday at Canvey Island. After that I need a sit down and a cold drink. So I shall have one. Good night!

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