Friday, January 16, 2009

Blundell's Prep, Tiverton

Another day and another early start. Will they ever end? I had a dreadful nights sleep, but then I only have myself to blame after eating cheese just before bed. How else can I explain the dreadful nightmare I had involving being locked in a hotel surrounded by zombies? It was either that or too much watching "Dead Set" the other week.
The drive to Tiverton is a pleasant enough thing on most days, but it was a wild, squally morning with scudding black clouds and intermittent rain, so not much fun really. Added to which my new-ish sat nav decided to take me the most interminable route down some of the smallest back lanes near Tiverton to get me to Blundell's Prep School.
As ever I was warmly greeted at the school by Stef Jeffs, the teacher I deal with. She was gorgeously attired in her Tudor garb. All the children wore some fantastic costumes as well. We had a fun extended morning in the Drama Studio, with loads of jokes galore and some excellent learning. After a wonderful fish and chips lunch we were in the main hall for the afternoon session for stocks and jousting. The jousting was hilarious. Both girls and boys teams that won through to the final had been paired against such incompetent opponents in the semi finals that you had no idea how good they were till they got to the final. As it was, both teams were pretty spectacularly good and the final was won and lost on one missed the ladies team. So the gents triumphed again. Well done lads. One of the best bits of the day was a young lady in the front row who for the vast majority of the day sat stoney faced while surrounded by hysterically laughing classmates and complaining "Is this really funny? I mean is it? What are we laughing at?" Poor child.
I got home this evening to a phone call from a TV company wanting me to appear in a documentary for the History Channel to be filmed at the end of this month. Watch this space for more.
Tomorrow is Wassail Day at Barrington Court. You have been warned again!

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